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Build your dream house and swimming pool with us !

Building a house in Thailand can be heaven or hell, depending on the decisions you make in regards of who should plan, design and build your home and the persons or firms you chose to take care of the legal responsibilities such a construction project will include.

The sentence we hate to hear the most is: "We should have followed your advice!", because at that time the horse is bolted, the damage done. Trying to save a few dollars here and there by consulting freelance workers or worse trying to "do a little yourself" mostly result in low-quality buildings that finally cost more than a professionally constructed home would have costed. Plus it is questionable whether you ever will be able to register the home legally in Thailand and get a proper house paper (Tabien Baan), the requirement to apply for an electric meter, telephone lines and such. After all it is better to appoint professionals!

Steel-reinforced concrete beams   Steel roof superstructure                   The finished product

We here at Land House Pool offer you professionaly designed key-turn solutions to your legally registered dream house in Thailand. Everything from design over architect drawings and plans, legal support and advice over construction, interior design, landscaping plus pool and spa construction can be done by us - all under one roof, all written in one contract, giving you the guarantee of becoming a hassle-free dream home owner in Thailand.

Please contact us for more information on house and pool contruction ! We will send you a detailed questionnaire along with our comprehensive information package via e-mail.


Thomas Johansson (name changed to protect our client's identity) from Sweden told us: "I made the mistake of trusting a self - appointed Swedish constructor, who had neither a company nor a proper license to construct my house in Thailand.

The whole time during construction was a nightmare as not only the house was different from the plans I handed in, but the whole project finally costed as much as a beautiful house in my neigh- borhood that is nicer, bigger, better quality and that was built by a team affiliated with Land House Pool.

If only I would have known about Land House Pool earlier and taken the time to get some professional advise from you before I started with this project... Well, we never stop learning, do we?

Land House Pool is a project of Avalon Creative Group Co.,Ltd.
68/2 Moo 2, Khukkak, Takuapa - 82190 Thailand
Phone  +66 (0) 81 273 9279, email info@land-house-pool.com

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