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Frequently asked questions about owning property in Thailand

Q - Can Foreigners own property in Thailand ?
A - Foreign nationals in Thailand are allowed to own apartments (units) in an officially registered condominium complex and/or buildings as distinct from its land. Foreigners are not allowed to freehold land but are entitled to a registered leasehold of up to 30 years for all types of titled land. With appropriate extension and purchase options a 30 year lease can become as valuable as freehold purchase.

Q - Can I live and work in Thailand ?

A - Yes, but the requirements are that you have an officially registered work permit and a proper business visa. As special rules apply on what professions foreigners are allowed to work in Thailand, we strongly suggest legal consulting before making any new career decisions.

Q - Can I own a company in Thailand and would this company be entitled to freehold land?
A - Foreign nationals may own a maximum of 49% of shares in a Thai registered company, that would be entitled to freehold land. A foreigner can be director of such a company. We strongly suggest legal consulting regarding this matter.

Q - How is land in Thailand measured?
A - The land is measured in Rai (1.600sqm), Ngan (400sqm) and Wah (4sqm).

Q - Are there any land title deeds and are there good and bad ones?
A - The best land title deed you can get is a Chanote title, followed by Nosor Sam Kor and Nor Sor Sam. These three titles are the only ones you should trust when buying land in Thailand. Get detailed title deeds info here >>>

Q - How can I be sure that the land I buy is not a fraud and the person selling it to me is the legal owner of this land?
A - You should consult a law or a legal consulting firm to check all papers for validity. You can also do this yourself at the land registration department of the responsible Amphur (province). Take copies of front and back of the title deed plus a copy of the owner's id card and house registration to request a check of ownership at the provincial land office.

Q - What is the actual situation regarding land prices and prices for houses in Thailand. Are the prices stagnating or increasing?
A - It depends on the area. In upcoming destinations like Phang-Nga, Krabi and Khao Lak, the prices are skyrocketing at this moment. In Phuket the prices are still climbing even after all those years of construction, while in Pattaya on the other hand prices are stagnating, as the area becomes more and more unattractive due to environmental problems.

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